About Liselotte Wahlund Swahn

Liselotte Wahlund Swahn

About Liselotte Wahlund Swahn

I have worked with children, young people and families since 2001. I am a trained sociologist and started working as a school counselor in an elementary and middle school. After a few years, I wanted to work more with treatment as the school counselor role was more of an advisory nature. I applied to a school with treatment for young people in need of special support and in connection with that I went through basic psychotherapy training, so-called step 1, in CBT.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

After the training, I started working at an outpatient clinic with child and youth psychiatry, BUP. That clinic was privatized after just over a year, and the private care company Prima child and youth psychiatry took over care at the clinic. I worked there for seven years. I developed a competence in the neuropsychiatric field when I participated in many neuropsychiatric investigations together with psychologists and psychiatrists.

Dialectical behavior therapy

In 2011, I attended a training in DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) organized by Elisabeth Malmquist, lay psychologist, lay. Psychotherapist in Värnamo with Dr. Alan Frusetti, Associate Professor University of Nevada, Reno, USA.

Education – investigation of autism

I was trained in the ADOS, the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (all modules) and the ADI-R Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised – tools used to diagnose and assess autism.

Credential-based education in psychotherapy

During this time, I took my credential-founding training in psychotherapy, so-called step 2, in CBT at the Swedish Institute for Cognitive Psychotherapy. I furthered my education in schema therapy and started working privately. I got a care contract with a GP surgery and started treating patients referred from general practitioners for difficulties such as anxiety, depression, crisis response, stress, exhaustion and sleep disorders. I also received requests from patients who sought private psychotherapy.

Training in schema therapy for couples

In 2017, I started a collaboration with ”Byrån för familjerådgivning och psykoterapi”. As part of this, I attended a training in schema therapy for couples with Poul Perris and Travis Atkinson at the Schema Therapy Training Center in New York in 2018.

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”Byrån för familjerådgivning och psykoterapi” has agreements with several municipalities according to the LOV (Act on Choice System). This means that couples who need family counseling can make an appointment and receive a number of calls subsidized by the municipality. You can book an appointment with me or one of my colleagues directly online at: www.byran.org. There you can choose whether you want to come to my psychotherapy practice at Odenplan or to the practice at Söder by Medborgarplatsen.