- Advice on cohabitation issues

Family counseling is aimed at couples, parents, families and individuals who need help in various cohabitation issues. Family counseling also addresses parents and adult children and adult siblings. The therapeutic conversations can e.g. include crisis management, clarifying conversations, conversations aimed at changing the relationship and separation work.

Common difficulties can be that the couple has difficulty communicating, lack of mental and physical intimacy, constant destructive arguments, difficulties in being a parent or bonus parent, different views on child rearing and infidelity.

Family counseling is an activity that all municipalities in Sweden must offer by law. The municipalities subsidize the price so that everyone can have a few conversations with specialists on cohabitation problems and crises in couple relationships. In cases where the couple has already decided to go their separate ways, a number of sessions can contribute to a functioning continued collaboration and a less conflict-filled separation.

I offer family counseling for residents of Stockholm and the associated districts, Nacka, Täby, Lidingö, Danderyd, Huddinge and Ekerö. The personal charge for calls varies between SEK 250-450 depending on the decision in each municipality. If you live in one of these municipalities, you can book an appointment with me via this website. Then consider booking a 90-minute call (which is the time for family counselling). 

Vill du boka tid hos mina kollegor på Byrån City går du in på:  “The agency for
family counseling and psychotherapy"

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