For those couples who want to work on their relationship with a wider and longer therapeutic treatment than the limits of family counseling allow, I offer private couples therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been shown to have positive effects on a number of different problems. Recently, it has also been possible to show good results in couple therapy. The goal is to create a climate where the long-term relationship can grow and strengthen. I work with schema therapy for couples. Schema therapy is a development of CBT. Please read more about this under the "Schema therapy" tab. Briefly described, we work to identify which emotional wounds lie behind a certain action. We also identify various coping strategies (so-called survival strategies) that have been learned to deal with these emotional wounds. When you are in an affect, it can be difficult to think about what will be the most functional thing to do. You may act out of anger and rage or you may get scared and attack when you are emotionally triggered by your partner. By seeing each other's emotional wounds, you often gain a greater understanding of your partner and you can at best help your partner when he becomes emotionally triggered and acts in affect. Schema therapy provides increased insight and self-awareness and you get to train your ability for self-compassion, which often leads to being able to take better care of yourself and your emotional needs. Through an increased understanding, you can find a way to take care
about yourself in situations where you are emotionally triggered, take a step back and express what is actually happening. What feelings you have and what you need from your partner instead of attacking and criticizing your partner.

Couple therapy according to CBT and schedule therapy is suitable for couples regardless of sexual orientation or marital status.

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